Why we are different

After career in Economics, I was hungry for a new direction, and knew exactly where I wanted to go - Flowers and Decoration. It‘s hard to believe, but with flowers everything is possible…
What started as a game, a hobby, became the biggest passion in my life. Today we are proud to be five years in this business. And we are so full of new ideas and thoughts for your celebration! So, relax and enjoy... Let us advice you how to make your event an unforgettable moment for you and your guests.


The only thing we cannot change is the previous day. Life is not a rehearsal, so our goal is that every moment of your life you choose to spend with us turns into a dream come true. Our company's goal - to give your celebration shine, passion, romance, hope and the sound of peace. Every of your wishes for us will be a new challenge to create more colors and more beauty.
Event decoration is an activity that provides true enjoyment: with others we can share all the beauty and happiness. The decorations and flower arrangements are created by your own style and individual preferences, so every time they are absolutely exceptional and unique.